Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Role of Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Since I started this project, I've had several people ask me what, exactly, Crisis Pregnancy Centers do. There is a lot of misinformation floating around, and I think even those who initially balk at the centers would appreciate them, if they knew all the services they provide.

CPCs are situated to help women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy. Practically, they help with everything from finding
pre-natal care to diapers. Emotionally, they help to support a woman facing a crisis pregnancy by providing a caring support system during a difficult time.

9 out of 10 women who come into a CPC will choose life for their children. It's no surprise. A vast majority of women who choose abortion do so because they feel they do not have the resources to make any other choice. Many of these women do not WANT an abortion, but they feel they can't make any other choice. CPCs help these women to discover ways to continue their pregnancies.

They also help with life skills training such as parenting classes, classes on time and money management, and yes, information on abstinence. If a woman still does not feel equipped to parent, CPCs also offer information about adoption services and counseling during the process.

Finally, CPCs help connect struggling post-abortive women to resources to help them heal. Some CPCs are Christian, some are not. Those that are Christian view their work as a ministry, and share Christ with the women they serve.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers DO NOT lie to woman about performing abortions. They DO NOT harass women who come to their centers. The DO NOT advertise services they do not provide.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers exist to serve women facing crisis pregnancies. They cherish both the mother and the child and work for both.

Today, more than ever, women are "choosing" abortion because they feel they have no resource to help bring their child into the world. It is more important than ever that we support the work of Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

The Purple Envelope Project is just the beginning! Get involved at your local center. Donate baby items or maternity clothes. Call and ask what you can do to help. Together, we can make a difference!

Let's flood CareNet and Heartbeat Int with our envelopes, and our support.


  1. Hi - I think its amazing what you are doing.
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    A million thanks for what you are doing -

  2. Thank you for being part of the project! I'm now following your blog.


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